In order to communicate with other software (APPS or desktop computer / PC software), we create modules for exporting our data to several popular file formats such as: KML, CSV, GPX, GeoJSON, TXT and DXF.

UTM Geo Map Export File Module

For DXF & TXT format, you can change the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) during the export process (please note that the data transformation process may take some times according to your data conditions).

If your data contains photo, your photos can be downloaded manually from directory: Android/data/info.yogantara.utmgeomap/files/Pictures/
Export your data into CSV format to get the photo file name associated with the data you have.

If you are having trouble accessing your files or internal storage with our browser eg. can not read / stored file or can not find directory, please read the explanation on the following link: Problem With File Browser

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