This is a simple GPS module designed for getting coordinates in offline state (without internet or cellular access). By taking advantage of built-in GPS on your devices, this module will display Latitude Longitude, UTM, MGRS and all common used Coordinate Reference System in the World (using EPSG Codes) simultaneously and realtime.

UTM Geo Map Offline GPS Module

The information displayed includes:


Lat Long: Latitude Longitude in standard GPS format (WGS84).
UTM: UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate (WGS84).
MGRS: Military Grid Reference System is geocoordinate standard used by NATO militaries.
EPSG: Custom Coordinate Reference System using EPSG Codes, You can find the codes for most commonly used map projections at or
Altitude: Elevation above ellipsoid.
Altitude (MSL): Elavation above MSL base on EGM96 model.
Accuracy: Current GPS accuracy.
Bearing: Current direction (only if you are moving).
Declination: Magnetic Declination at your location.
Speed: Current speed (only if you are moving).
P/H/V DOP: Dilution of precision.

Satellite Sky View

Approximately satellite location above the sky. With the help of a compass and GPS coordinates, you can find the location of the satellite above the sky and a location of a place / point on the earth which is called the target. The blue arrow is the target direction, the red arrow is the north direction of the compass.

Available Satellite

Satellite information includes modulation signal (carrier-to-noise ratio) and satellite provider.

There is a quick button to copy, share and save observations data into database that is integrated with the database used in other modules.

GPS Reading Options

We provide two GPS reading options. To display this menu: click the menu icon in the upper right corner, select options and GPS options.

UTM Geo Map GPS Reading Options