HINT: Click [Place Point] or tap anywhere on the Map to register lines or polygons. Click on existing line or polygon to see the related menu.

Area & Distance Measurement module is a complex module designed for measuring areas & distances, registering lines and polygons with powerful tools like smoothing & custom coloring, labeling, adding photos, and has the ability to perform simple geometry and GIS analysis such as buffering for lines and polygons (support for negative buffer), overlay (union, intersection, difference, symmetrical difference), split polygon by line, split polyline intersection, centroid & interior point, simplify, densify, delete objects inside/outside polygon, copy move rotate mirror object and much more.

This module is also equipped with automation algorithm to register lines and polygons from set of point data automatically, tools to generate and calcule travel distance between 2 locations on the map using the automatic route generator (premium), fix invalid polygon (eg. self crossing polygon) automatically and many more. This automation tools are using sophisticated matematics algorithm such as Convex Hull & Concave Hull to generate line / polygons from random point data.

UTM Geo Map Area Distance Measurement Module

Every lines and polygons can be stored in a database completed with additional data such as length / distance, area, label / note, color information and etc. You can change the distance / area units during observations in realtime with supported units: Meter, Kilometer, Miles, Yard, Feet, Hectare & Acre.

Please note that complex geometry calculations such as buffering, smoothing (Cubic Bezier Interpolation), overlays, Auto Generate Polygon (Convex Hull, Concave Hull) etc.. should not be used for complex objects, the limitations of memory and processors on android devices may caused long processing times, the device becomes slow or even crashes.

Polygon Hole Inside

UTM Geo Map Polygon Hole Inside

UTM Geo Map supports polygons with Hole Inside, this polygon with holes can be formed due to geometry operations such as Overlay and Buffering or created manually. Read more about Polygon Hole Inside (ver. 3.8.4 and above)

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Measuring Area

Snap Nearest

Copy, Move, Rotate, Mirror Object

This video demonstrates copy, move rotate and mirror objects as well as split polygons by line tools.

Automatic Polygon From Random Point Data

Generate polygon automatically from random point data by tracing ID, Convex Hull and Concave Hull methode.

Edit Polygon