This module allows you to generate TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network) DTM from random points (with elevation data) or contour lines.

Unlike the DTM GRID module which performs smooth grid interpolation to generate the DTM surface, the TIN module relies on original data to generate the surface. This method produces DTM in the original form in accordance with the existing data conditions. This TIN approach is very suitable for technical work such as calculating volumes or generating original contour lines.

UTM Geo Map DTM (Digital Terrain Model) Module

To generate TIN surface, make sure you already have points (with elevation data) or contour data on your maps, click DTM Icon (bottom left of your maps) and follow the instructions. You can try to download sample txt file here to be imported on TIN module as DTM data source.

DTM Button
DTM Button is located on the left side of the map, click it to start generating DTM.

UTM Geo Map DTM (Digital Terrain Model) Module

After successfully generated TIN surface, additional Tools menu will show up, this Tool is used to generate extra DTM points using Delaunay Refinement or Grid methods, calculate Cut And Fill Volume or generate dynamic Surface Elevation Profile.

DTM Tools Button
The Tools button will appear after you have successfully generated the DTM.

DTM Tools Button

TIN Refinement

This tool will densify the TIN points by interpolate centroid point on every TIN triangle and then regenerate the TIN surface, the process will iterate according to the desired number of iterations. To avoid “too dense” point on some area, you can ask to skip small triangle by defining minimum triangle size to process.

UTM Geo Map DTM (Digital Terrain Model) Module

Please note that Delaunay Refinement is a heavy calculation process, higher number of iteration will increase calculating times and perhaps will make your device crash or running out of memory. Read more about TIN Refinement here.

TIN Refinement (Manual)

Manual TIN Refinement allows you to manually add additional elevation data at the centroid of selected triangle. Move cursor to desired triangle location (selected triangle will be highlighted) and click Add Point (or tap anywhere on the Map) to add refinement point. Read more about Manual TIN Refinement here.

Grid Interpolation From TIN Surface

This tool generate regular 3D DTM grid point with elevation interpolate from TIN surface.

DTM Grid Interpolation

Cut And Fill Volume

This tool allows you to calculate estimated cut and fill volumes based on the existing DTM TIN and the desired cut line elevation. This is a rough calculation and not for technical / high accuracy purposes.

DTM Cut And Fill Volumes

DTM Cut And Fill Volumes

Plot Section

This tool allows you to generate dynamic section / elevation profile from surface (TIN) data. You can read about Surface Elevation Profile here.